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Shankar-Ahsan-Levi made a light-hearted celebration of light


Dhaka: As soon as the song started & # 39; s live & # 39; In the yard, teenagers and teenagers exploded with joy and joy. The song by Shankar from Hyde & Diwali Concert 2018 & Starting with he was accompanied by two other stars of Shenkar-Ihsan-Leyer Ahsan Nurani and Lorem Mendonso.

The Indian High Commission in Bangladesh organized the Diwali 2018 Concert on Friday (November 16). Dhaka's musicians were fascinated by the performances of three musicians at night in a concert. At the time of the artists, the audience danced through their request.

Before the evening to see the concert on the weekly vacation, visitors to the International Convention Center in the capital of Schondare (ICCB) began to reach the public. About 5,000 visitors – the audience enjoyed the event. Shankar Hamidban was a special attraction for young people at the concert.
Rainy fireworks, Raj Chin and DoriThrough an unprecedented response to the event, music lovers have been deliberately lost with the voice for some time. At the same time, young people love to sing with the words, to speak with the elders. And through love, Bollywood stars kept their eyes on the music of the "Diwali" concert on Dhaka's chest.

The concert artists performed many songs in different genres, including Terra Laya Hame High, Cage Ray Ray, Ray Caggard, 39 "," Lightweight "," Marie May ". Sometimes the song tells the story of their suspense and love towards Dhaka.

Indian High Commissioner Harsh Vardhan Shingla, who is in Bangladesh, welcomed the beginning of the night at the beginning of the ceremony. He said, we are celebrating a Diwali ceremony with family and friends and relatives. But since we are in Bangladesh, so is our festival with you.
Shankar Mahadawan is the stage, photo: Raj Chen and DahuriAmong the speakers at the meeting were Shundaara Group Chairman Ahmad Akbar Suhban and Chairman of the Bengal Group, Abul Hisham Lito.

The chairman of the Bashundhara Group expressed his interest in building a cultural center with a capacity of 30 thousand spectators for the civilized of the country.Our country's people always love culture and entertainment.I soon spoke with Lito Bahai (Abul Hair Lito), we could make a great cultural center. It could be 30,000 spectators, so many people can enjoy a common organization.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Akbar Suhban, who drew the attention of Culture Minister Asaduzman Nur, who was present in the crowd, said: "We have a place, now we have to do it now." So we want to help us in the process of getting firm.

Bengal Group Chairman Aboul Khair Lito said: "We are delighted to be part of the Diwali Festival. All religions, festivals and festivals. He said it in words.

Concerned about the concert, said Shenkar Mahadevan, in love with Bangladesh, we are fascinated by the music of the people.
Rainy fireworks, Raj Chin and DoriFestival Diwali Lighting Around three hours at the phase of stage color lighting, happily music at the end of 11pm. Then the gallery reminds the audience of the viewers of the show, performing a ceremony in Bangladesh and a musician from Harin. High Commissioner Hersh Vardhan Scheringla, on the other hand, was surprised by the announcement at the beginning of the event. And in the heart five thousand people brought the surprise of the sky fireworks!

The whole area is lit by the light of fireworks in the night of light. Fireworks behind the central stage for a long time, listening to all the songs, in the heart of the heart, in the heart of the audience took place, so that more light of five minutes fireworks continued.

Red-yellow-green and blue light in the city of Roshani and then the light of light If the light of fireworks spread in the sky, thousands of people outside the ICCB saw the game of pleasant light. Fireworks with the song of the beloved artist prompted the audience to memorize the unique memories of life. So a crowd of people of all ages surrounded the holiday of light.

** The music of Shenkar-Ihsan-Lay of Diwali's concert

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