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Six months ago a divorce is a musician Shawon &


Six months ago a divorce is a musician Shawon &

Singer Rabinda Farhana Yasmin Shawn Killed in Hulana Photo: NASSEF

"Half a year ago, Rappindra divorced musician Farhana Yasmin Shawn, 36, with her husband, Abo Khan, who was emotionally disturbed, and Sean used to take more sleep medication.

The police recovered the body of the artist from a rented house in the Khasimanagar Industrial Zone of Cher, the E-Bangla Road in the city of Khulna on Sunday. Leon Dali, Sean's colleague, said these things at this point.

Earlier in the morning, Rabandra's music, Parahana Yasmin Shawn, was committed in Hoolana's rented house. Doctors initially thought that he died because of excessive sleep medicine.

Farahana Yasmin is the daughter of Sheikh Abdul Hak of the Al-Qatra Mill area of ​​Shun. Sean was one of the sisters and one brother. He was an assistant teacher at the government elementary school in Dumuria Sag.

It is known that Parahana taught from the rented house of the sick. Besides, he was also a fame as coach of Rabindra Sangeet and his teacher. On May 6, the Ravindra Sanghiten Suman Parishad Demuria Afazila Committee was established. Sean accepted the Secretary General.

Litton's colleague Dali, Sean, said that Sean divorced with her husband Apo Khan about six months ago. Although he was close to his father's house, he was hired in the Kismanger area with another elementary school teacher, Shahana Ali.

Shawn's roommate, Shahana Viola, said that on Sunday morning, Sean had found some sleep. After he had said something to both of them he went to their room.

He did not read any words from Sean's house around 10:30. Later, the others came from the next door and broke the glass door and took the noise to the hospital quickly. Later the doctors declared him dead.

The officer in charge of the police station of Kholana Sadr, Khomeyun Kabir, said that noise had been used to sleep for almost a month to reduce the pressure. On behalf of family and friends, he was forbidden to sleep more than once. But he still did not listen.

He said that initially it seemed suicide. However, the body is sent to the hospital's College Medical Hospital for autopsy.

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