Tuesday , August 9 2022

Sonakshi Sinha disappeared with Tk 37 lakh


Sonakashi Sena

Bollywood's popular hero, Sonekashi Siena, was charged with embezzlement. This heroine disappeared or disappeared with 37 million rupees of a man. Parmod Sharma, a resident of Muradabad in India, claimed that Sonakshi Sinha did not appear even after the promise to attend her ceremony. For this, the heroine was paid 37 lakhs ago.

It is known that Pramod Sharma organized a fashion event this September 30 this year. He invited Sonekashi Cena as a special guest. Badran contacted an actress in an entertainment company.

He gave Suanceshi a reward in advance. And Sonekashi was forced to complain that she was not present at the ceremony. Currently, Delhi police are investigating the poison. But Sonakshi still did not comment on this issue.

In the context; The first film by Sonakshi Sena was 'Dabang' And the first hero Salman Khan. Sonakshi Sinha said her presence in Bollywood storm. His debut in the film was as regal as it was. Meanwhile, his place in Bollywood has become very consistent. After that, the heroine played a role in several films.

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