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Sports star gave good news fans of Bangladesh


Sports star gave good news fans of Bangladesh

Bangladesh will fight the West Indies in the final on Friday. Tigers will have the taste to win the tournament title for the first time in the final, to win the tournament title. The Bangladesh team will fly in England only after the finals. Mashrafe Bahini will play two heating matches before the first game of the World Cup in England. Tiger fans received good news from Star Sport around two preparation matches.

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Bangladesh warming first is 26 against Pakistan in Cardiff. The second heating is a game against India in 28, two days after the same place. All of India's preparations were broadcast live on television in the event of an ICC event so far, the rest was not shown to everyone, usually on television.

But now this rule will change. Star Sport will broadcast all 10 preparations in the World Cup. As a result, games will be played on TV against India and Pakistan in Bangladesh as well. Tweet today that the official World Cup of Star Media Broadcaster Vice President Connecting spies.

In the last Champions League final, the Bangladesh team's opponent was in the warm-up game, and the two teams were hosts. Both preparations are the result of the game in Bangladesh.

In fact, despite the live broadcast on the TV screen, these matches will not be added to the international career of the players.

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