Sunday , October 2 2022

The body of a baby found in the bathroom Caller Canto


Police recovered a new body from the services of an educational institution in the city of Nilphamari district. The body was recovered around 11:00 on Saturday. At the time, the company served as JSC's testing center.

The police said the Smyrna Odin School and the City College were used as a testing center for JSC. During the inspection, around 11:00 AM, the teacher, Shaheed Ziya, the high school assistant, Sa'adul Alam, left to use the campus services. At the same time, when he saw the baby's body in the toilet bowl, the head of the company said. The baby's body was born in the bathroom around 11:30 am on the news of principal Mejbah ul Haq.

Chancellor of the school and college, Mejba Ul Haq said that the elementary school in Nilmari government is located in the same campus. The newborn's body was found in the grounds of the elementary school in the toilet. However, admits that the campus serves as a testing center JSC.

"I use my school as a JSC examination center," said Manik Bhushan, head of the Government School of Nilapamri, and the school of Islam Jeweler opened the toilet lock in the school with all school classes around 9:30 am After an hour of inspection, the teacher found a baby's body.

"At about 9:30 am, I opened all the schools in the school and locked the toilet to the school, and at that point there was nothing in the bathroom," said Piyon Jewel, the principal of the government elementary school Nilphamari. "Later, someone can leave the body behind the toilet Services.

Nimalmari Sadar, a police officer from Mumayol Islam, said that the newborn's bodies had been sent to the morgue of the modern Nilapamri at the Sadar Hospital for autopsy and for determining age. The investigation is being conducted to confirm identity. The initial assumption is that anyone in the womb of 5 to 6 months in the womb can leave an illegal abortion and leave him alive or alive.

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