Tuesday , March 2 2021

The magic of J & D and the Greens

Animals Fantasies: Grindelwald's crimes, a new film of the Animal Fantasies series, was released on November 16 around the world. That day, the film will be released at Cineplex Star of Bangladesh. On the other hand, the star Cineplex is releasing the movie "Green", which is based on the popular American author Dr. Suisse's book "How the Green Stole Christmas!" Animated film guided by Peter Kandiland and Yarrow Chennai. Produced by Universal Pictures Entertainment Illuminati.

Fantastic Animals: Grindelworld's Experiences: "Fantastic Animals: Grindel's Crimes." Written by David Yates, script by Harry Potter, written by the author JK Rowling The first installment of the fantasy animal series, released in 2016, is "Fantastic Animals and Time to Find Them". Two years after his release will be continued. Only after the release of the film on YouTube in the middle of the year, the audience is already holding true stereo.

For Harry Potter fans, "Fantastic Animals an Hour to Find Them" in 2016 is a bit surprising. Although even Harry, Ron and Hermione were not in the picture from beginning to end of the magic, the beginning of the film is by the wizard Newt Scammander. He travels to Arizona with witches in New York. But the animal boxes changed the way. Newt Bock went to Jacob. A creature bitten out of the box bent over Jacob's neck. But the last good man, better two other characters of the film, Queen and Tina, were introduced to Newt and Jacob. They love each other, they love each other. Knowing to walk away will give you back. The person whose box comes back to him. The rain is collapsing the minds of people all over Newtown. Then? What happened next? Newton returned to Tina? Everyone wants to get answers to these questions. But more interested in seeing the charisma of the story of JK Rowling.

Harry Potter's famous character, Dumbledore, will be seen this year in the film "Fantastic Animals." But we know that old Dumbledore is not. Young Dumbledore arrives. The villain with "Grindelworld" of "Fantastic Beasts: Grindelworld Crime" will be there. After the first scene of "Fantastic Animals," captured by the United States Congress of America, Grindelworld seized the ground. Since then, he has been waiting for everyone. There is a brief look at the Gendarmerie as a Grindelor.

The Greens: Animated TV movie was created in 1966, based on the popular American author Dr. Dr. Suez "How Green stole Christmas!" Then a full-length animal picture made in 2000. Jim Carrey played it. Now the popularity of Dr. Swiss 'Greens' Comes in front of the crowd. The song & # 39; The Grinch & # 39; Created by Peter Kandilland and Yarrow Chennai.

The film produced Universal Entertainment Lighting images. The molar trailer shows that the alarm sounds are broken by the grinch. Trying to break the alarm clock by throwing the book out of a nuisance. Then his dog Mack made him a coffee. Then girich dresses come out and cause a lot of annoying incidents.

What is interesting is that the actor Benedict Kamembertz gave a voice to the villain. Those who hate Christmas and the festival also plan to stop the organized program at Huelvé's house.

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