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The new England's Badby & Hell Game Janakantha

The new England 's Badby & damn it

Desk online. To write the history of cricket, the first country that came to be called England is England. As a result, the country's cricket has taken so many talented cricketers to top ranking, so many "badbes" have also emerged from this team. Now the name of Alex Hales has emerged as the new "badbye" of the English. 15 – A member of the World Cup team was banned for 21 days for failing to cancel the drug test recently.

According to the BBC, 30-year-old Hull has accepted the restriction given on the ground outside the event. He will join the World Cup preparation camp in England next Saturday. However, ESPNcricinfo said that Hales was recently caught in the drug test. The announcement of the group was unknown to England

Kevin Pietersen and Andrew Flintoff, who were known as the first cricketers of English cricket before Helson, coach, board, and even team member was involved in the dispute with the former English captain Kevin Pietersen. Andrew Flintoff was once dying to death. Ben Stokes also criticized the critics who made a struggle outside Bristol Street a few years ago. Along with Alex Hales.

The acquaintance of Alex Heales' girlfriend, known as the new Bedouin, was to lose the respect of the crew in the locker room, as well as the training coach, and ran into the drug scandal. The 30-year-old batsman has proved positive for "recreational drugs". This is the second point! Hales received a 21 day ban under the English cricket law. Confrontation in his World Cup. The Daily Mail wrote a special column on the controversial debate. The selectors were advised not to keep the World Cup team, "That was enough, hell is unfair, the dressing room has lost a lot of respect and it's been a long time now, it's been taken for the second time, but it was hidden then. He did not have to play the World Cup.

After the death of Tom Maynard in 2013, the English Cricket Board did the drug test at the beginning and end of the season. When the first test is captured, the player is warned. The second time charges 21 days of prohibition and five percent of the annual salary penalty. Third, the same crime will be punished severely. New Zealand All round Scott Stiris can not agree to this rule. He took Stephen Smith and David Warner as examples. Two people were arrested for a year because of a misspelling at Cape Town. There is a second time offense, only a 21-day ban on drugs!

The surprise of Stiris Batwitt, "Twenty-seven months of test failure for 12 months through a scratch."

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