Friday , May 14 2021

The new song of Aditya "Parhi" by Kantha || The Cultural Zone Janakantha

The Culture Desk. The talented singer of the younger generation Ogil Aditya is already on the same album, as well as several mixed albums, the young singer Sarah. Now he will reach the audience with the audience of the song entitled "Fairies". Gita Omar Farouk played the song of a huge and charred guitarist of the meaningless band and great friend of the band Nonta Biscuit, Great Fahim. "Fairy tale or fairy of water, or you do not have a sprite cloud, what's your name, and you fairy horn, you do not think, after the cornea, after the riddles, the two houses are in the ruins of the house, the video based on the story of the song Sanjay Samdadar created it. Shan Tanan Tanha has been modeled on the video on the song "Parry" of the song, said Ujjwal Aditya, in a word, a song of my hobby. As the artist wakes up, I want to see the song to listen to everyone, I believe that the music will create a charm among the whole audience.It has been revealed that on April 24, videos of "Paribah "Was released at 4 pm by the production company of Youtube Digital Channel's production channel, RusGolla.

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