Friday , May 7 2021

The news of my oath is baseless, Raviish: Ukil Abdus Sattar

The news of my oath is baseless, Raviish: Ukil Abdus Sattar

Ukil Abdus Sattar Bhuiyan speaks at a party meeting. Close window

In the elections for the 11th parliament, in the elections of Brahmanbaria-2 (Sarail-Ashuganj), a candidate from BNP's elected candidates, Attorney O'Keal Abus Satar in Hoyan, said, "The news in the papers about taking my oath is not without foundation, but in one word."

He said this at the meeting of the Executive Committee of the BNP district in the Fulbaria Community Center in the city of Brahmanbaria on Saturday night.

The advisor to BNP chairman Ukil Abdus Sattar Bhuiyan was elected from the Brahmanbariya 2 Guide to the eleventh parliamentary elections and was sworn in as a member of parliament and wept for several days.This thunder strengthened after the oath of the BNP in Thakurgaon-3 elections, oath.

When asked about this, former state minister Satar Bhoyan said, "I do not know if I will take an oath or not." But the knowledge of me is printed that I swear. The point is baseless.

"The meeting is going on for a long time, and the RAB officers are sending the news, I have to meet them, he does not know for good or bad, I want to pray to everyone," Abdus Sattar in Hoyan said.

In the speech of the special guest, Yoafi, the chief adviser of the BNP party, Moshpikar Rahman, said that there was no alternative to the release of the al-Da'ida. Democracy will be restored upon release. BNP will be a stronger side. Mass will be created.

Under the leadership of the President of the Brahumbaria district, Hafez Rahman, Muhammad Katshi, the secretary of the BNP's senior organization, Briester Romain Farahana, a member of the Central Committee of Sloudin in Hoyan-Shishir, Malik Khan, Hussein Asim and Mustak Mia, along with fellow editor Abdul Awal.

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