Thursday , August 18 2022

The severe punishment of Muhammad-Mariner … "- Kaller Canto


Sports reporter: The players of Mohammedan and Mariner, officials were amazed at the merciless behavior of the last game of the League's Premier League. After being suspended for four months, the championship decision finally ended. The Federation has declared Muhammed a championship by sharing the match point. The Muslim Club celebrated its success with Pe'er a few days ago. However, in a statement from the head of the Federation, he remembered that they did not forget the cruel behavior, and that the most severe punishment is indicative of their past happened. Hockey was banned for five years from Mohammed, two leading maritime officials.

Muslim director Ariful Haque Prince Assistant Director Asaduzzaman Shepherd and Secretary General of Mariner Hasan Ullah Khan Rana was arrested for five years. Mariner's principal, Nasruel Islam, has been banned for three years. The game's technical officer, Nasirul Islam, was arrested for the next three years. The decision was made at a meeting of the Federal Federation of Federal Federation Chairman of the Air Chief Air Marshal Mashiuzaman Serniabat in Falcon Air Force. In the context of the trial, General Secretary Abdus Sadek said, "At this point the prince, Andean entered the field and abused the officials of the Federation, and also showed the intimidation of the judges." The director of the Marines, Nazarul Islam, threatened to destroy the chair. She went into the judge's chamber of judges with 20-25 people and showed their intimidation there … It was a day of stigma for hockey, it was a scandal not only in the country, but also in our hockey world has been criticized in this case. Exemplary punishment. "

Sadek said, "Even Rana, Prince, and Andean are accused of disciplinary action, they should also count the fine, and the record is taken into account in the case of punishment." Another important decision taken at that meeting was to subdue the upper club Osha from the premiere. The team has not taken part in the last league, according to Bailjas, they will be lowered. "We did not have to do anything more excitedly, the team did it a third time, but they fell twice before, and after we do the same work again, we do not have to do anything but take disciplinary action" .

Mohammedan and Mariners, who were not sure about the activities of the federations, after raising various complaints. Even after the severe punishment of senior officials, if the two clubs follow the same path, then the loss of the hockey is in the end. Sadek replied, "We have to be tough about discipline, the foreign judges were on the same day, they said they would complain about the AHF or FIH, and if we did that, a restriction could have gone down on our hockey." The Secretary of the Federation said that Hockey Victory Day, which begins today, is too rigid to be disciplined. The President of the Federation emphasized the appropriate security in the field.

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