Saturday , May 15 2021

The united front is about to break?

Analysts have expressed concern whether the united front will survive after analyzing various aspects. According to them, after the eleventh parliamentary elections, the BNP is under heavy pressure in politics.

Recently, the three National Union MPs have retired to Parliament and the remaining four have been sworn in recently, due to unrest in the middle of the GTA era and the Gna Forum Council, this excessive pressure has been created.

In this context, it seems that BNP is uncomfortable with two opposition parties (20 parties and a united front), political analysts and party leaders and leaders of different levels believe. The new unrest created a new center in the council, in the public forum.

According to them, the expectations among leaders and employees facing a united national front before the election, but it is going to be very failed political strategy.

Especially the front leader said. They see the role of Kamal Hussein in their eyes. Elections keep BNP at the end and swore oath of two members of the People's Forum. Many people have doubts that Mal Hussein had a special role.

His role was not only in the BNP, but also in the public forum. Analysts also expressed concern that the united front would continue.

Asked about the former vice president of the University of Dhaka, Professor Emazuddin Ahmed, Jugantna said, "In the current situation, BNP is a little embarrassed.Once the inauguration of the two candidates of Genoprom, one of the BNP was sworn in.

As for the scientist, the scientist said that BNP should not have anything to do with BNP. The team is going to break. So BNP should leave the party against the Liberation Party. Because of Matt, the party should be flawed at home and abroad.

However, BNP policy makers are reluctant to accept that the party is in a state of unease. They think the government is under pressure to swear. Even though the government refused it directly.

But BNP Secretary-General Mirza Fakhrul Islam said there was no doubt that he had pressed the government to swear.

Said a member of the BNP Committee. According to Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, BNP is a large banyan tree. It does not matter if one leaf falls from here.

According to party sources, BNP policy makers are very ashamed and do not feel the current situation. The headquarters of the party is busy pursuing the general situation.

After taking the MP, senior leaders, including acting chairman, Tarique Rahman and secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, spoke with the rest of the people.

Many initiatives are taken on the rest of the people who do not take an oath. On Saturday night, members of the Standing Committee held a closed meeting to deal with the situation.

However, a source from the party said that while ignoring the decision of the Supreme Command or the request, they could still swear.

The United National Front won only eight seats in the eleventh parliamentary elections. Two elected members of the Gunofuram-Molibazar-2 (Kolor-Kamalgang), Sultan Muhammad Mansur and Mokubir Khan of Silat-2, have already sworn.

Many believe that the senior leaders of the Gano Forum are driven by it. It looks like the senior leaders of the Gano Forum.

Since the formation of the united front. Many BNP leaders expressed doubts about the role of Kamal Hussein. Especially in the days before the elections, he was not accused of the ropes, but as the Supreme Leader of the Front, he took no initiative to protest.

On the contrary, on the contrary, voters told reporters that the vote was quite smooth. They also think that going to the polls, finally save the BNP in the election compromising the oath of the two MPs of JanorForram are in the same thread.

Many leaders of the BNP and the Alliance of the 20 Parties claimed that after an oath, Gonfuram ended the term after the expulsion of Sultan Mansur. But the Knesset Speaker or the Elections Committee were not given a legal claim against him.

Mansur was proven to be expelled from the public, but it was not done for Mokubir. After an oath, the leaders of Gounfuram ended their duties after the mourning.

Dr. Kamal Hussein took the oath, although Mokaviv claimed that the president of Genofur had never protested. In the case of an oath, Kamal's quiet agreement was that it had opened very well on the Friday Council.

After entering the cell, Mokibir was called out, but the question of how he got the courage to come to the council is the question.

He also sat down after three sessions at the meeting of Kamal Hussein. They do not have the courage to come to the Mukabir Council without a "green sign."

Gonform leaders and activists continued to apologize after seeing Mukabir on the council stage. But Dr. Kamal Hussein did not make any ambiguity about it, and there was no mention of Mokover's presence.

Dr. Many people expressed anger at the silence of Kamal Hussein. Not only that, the situation might happen, it was absent from the Council, it was not possible that Genoform Secretary General Mustafa Mohsen Monte

He apologized to Mobovir's presence and apologized to people through the Gators. He said, there is discomfort in our overall activity.

Most of our members are angry at Mokobir Khan's activities. After I did not comply with the party's decision, I do not understand how he got to the council.

Mustafa Muhsin said further, what is the embarrassing without way when Mukabir saw the Jama Mosque when the activists told him Sam? That's why we're sorry, shame.

I apologize to the nation. On the united front, we saw hope for the nation, but we are moving away.

Meanwhile, during the council, the training officer, Refikul Islam Farath, Gonfuram announced the departure of the party outside the meeting.

In his immediate reaction, he said, politics can not be done where there is such a double position.

He (Dr. Kamal) makes no clear statement on the question of Mokbi, Sultan Muhammad Mansur and Mukubir Khan, who also claimed that Kamal went to parliament after receiving the courage.

In the agitation of the people's movement, the collapse of the ghettos began. On Saturday, one of the reformists in the Jamaat-e-Islami, one of the main partners of the 20-party alliance, announced a new platform called "Jan-Akkshakara Bangladesh."

A mainstream Islamic-based member of the line, recently released, MJ Rahman Meng has announced that. He was once the main president of the Islamic Republic of Eritrea. Many people are seriously looking at new party announcements.

Among them there is speculation that a one-time leader of Jamaat leader Barrister Razzak has support.

The Islamic Tag, also known as Rezaq's close friend, was present at the ceremony. In the role of the reformists, Maath also created uneasiness among the Gospels

Against the backdrop of the long-standing criticism of the anti-liberation movement, the BNP is being criticized. Domestic and foreign forces kept the BNP under pressure for a long time to leave the party. But for strategic reasons, they continued to have a relationship with the CIA.

The Group's policy makers deal with various issues on this issue. BNP is uncomfortable with the collapse of one of the Alliance partners.

They fear that these actions of the United States can affect the entire Alliance. Apart from the other allies of the Alliance are also growing with BNP. This distance was created on various issues, including the importance of the devaluation of the partners, the importance of the united front.

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