Thursday , September 29 2022

"Wants to create a society as a collaborator, not oppressive"


Dhaka: "We are not cheating, abusing or oppressing, the people and the women want to build a society and a state, with my hand, I want to take the country forward.

In front of the National Press Club on Sunday (November 18), the speakers of the human network organized by the Women's Center of Bangladesh Women on behalf of the movement # Mitu.

In addition to journalists and development workers, men and women from various professions participated in the program.

Sensi Kabir, NGO coordinator for the oppressors, said it was time to speak out loud as a man. We want to treat men and women as human beings. They do not want to be identified as oppressors. Want to create a friend.

"There are only a few women in the Mitto movement, everyone will open their mouths, the real face of everyone will be unveiled, those who cry, I have a wife, I have a child, I have a child.

He said, Now is the time to talk. Not to be persecuted, we want to expose the true face of the oppressor. This is the real thing in #Mitu.

The journalist Shermin Rynby said in the human chain: "This movement is not against anyone, but against the oppressors, against the oppressors." We know that everyone is not bad. Today's traffic deal with those who are bad deal with their trial. Men say, It's good that they are standing next to us.

Journalist Irin Niazi Mina said that the girls were able to open the subject of torture. We want a free society like women and men. Not all men in society are bad. Those who are not happy reveal their masks and the movement just started. Which will work.

Journalist Udisa Islam said about participation in the program, # Mute movement began in Bangladesh. So far, nine women have expressed their distaste. We still do not open our mouths, it does not mean that we are not victims of torture.

"The Bangladeshi girls grow up to be victims of such torture, I have not found the place to talk about torture, social media has made this place, those who can not say they have to be near their leaders.

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Expressing solidarity in the human chain, Dhaka Records General Unity Secretary, Shukur Ali repeated, said: "We want to prevent sexual assaults from society." Men and women want to work pretty well. If there is no dispute between men and women in an institution, then the environment will be guaranteed. There will be room for miscrants.

Itapak's diplomatic editor, Mainol Alam, said the Center for Women's Journalism has begun to operate today. I expressed solidarity within him. Today's movement will open our eyes, give direction.

Sadia Nasreen, the organization's director general, said that Bangladesh is trying to create instability by showing sympathy to sex workers, and we do not want it, we want a beautiful society where no one will be oppressive, it will be cooperative.

Journalist Nadia Sharmin said that the Mito movement is not only for women but also for men to open their mouths. We believe that only women and men are victims of sexual abuse.

Bangladesh Time: 1706 hours, November 18, 018

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