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What is a folded smartphone?


Yesterday, on the fifth anniversary of Samsung's birthday, the upcoming folding shows were announced. The work has been going on for several years now. Tabs with an educated taboo This device does not want to easily fit into your pocket. That is why smartphone manufacturers have come to you and can fold the new breakthrough view into your pockets. But now a lot of questions, is it a tab or phone? Will the phone be as heavy and large as tabs? The price will certainly be sky-high, how will the app work on the phone? Will the phone take advantage of the work?

Samsung's cell phone is actually a tablet that can turn into a small smartphone. Samsung will have the convenience of phone calls on this device. When you fold your tablet, a small 4.6 "monitor will become a smartphone with a frame. The aspect ratio of the tab will be 21: 9, and the screen size is 7.3 inches. If folded, it will be 4.6 inches.

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Samsung has announced that the Infiniti Flex display will be available with a new mobile platform. This new view will be visible to several active windows. Samsung has not yet released or demo how the app will work on this phone. There is a lot of doubt about the price. It sure is not too low.

"The folded display will lay the groundwork for a new type of mobile experience," said Samsung's IT and mobile communications division president.

This new member will come into the world in 2017. According to a report in the South Korean newspaper "Bell", Samsung brings the Galaxy Tab to a folded screen until next year, February 2015, until February.

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title: Samsung is showing its folding phone and we have five questions that need answers: What is the folded smartphone?

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