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Who is the boy, why did Salman Khan leave the film Ishvarah?


( Sanjay Leela Bansali's picture is a new surprise. San Dut Varnabir Singh, but this time he gave his film 'Text & Opportunity to give two new faces. The son of Gerald Perry, Meigel and Sangla Bhansali, Shermin Segal, played the lead role in the film.

Recently, Salman Khan shared a picture of his song set Echo Key Gostakia. His social media & Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Because in the movie Salman Khan and Sanjay, Leila Bensali was a small Armin Segal basically, because of the debut in Bollywood, Salman shared this picture to congratulate Shermin.

Salman-Ishwarya Bashir & Akka Ki Gostakia & Close window

Meanwhile, Salman's picture began after the hearing. Because Ishvararia was behind the scenes behind Salman. When sharing the picture, Salman Khan dropped out of Ischuria.

There was one love between Salman and Ishvariya. He also starred in the film together. There is success but the friend went away with the lover's mood and there were fewer news in the newspapers than the love of the couple and the star. Aishwarya Rai lover married Abhishek Bachchan and the life of friend Salman Khan, countless lover living now, apart from cutting the picture from Salman's part in the film, it turns out that the tension of breaking the relationship remains in Salman's mind.

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