Saturday , October 16 2021

Why is fish price 8 lakh POPA?

The Pope fish weighing 35 kg were caught in the trap of Sentimartine prison in Teknaf upazila of Cox's bazaar, Abdul Gani.

Poisonous fish weighing about 35 pounds was caught in the trap of St. Martini's prison in Abdul Gani in the upazila Teknaf of Cox's bazaar. It was sold at eight lakh rupees.

St Martin and Teknaf are fighting for it. Why does the fish come back face to face? What's in the fish, sold at such a price? No one can give a clear idea about the buyer and the seller, but everyone says that due to the lungs or feeding of the fish, so much the price.

Shuki, the chief buyer of Cox, said the fish would be exported to Hong Kong. And the special kind of soup is made with the lungs of fish, and so the price of so many fish.

On Tuesday morning, a fish of 35 pounds of fish caught in the trap of the fisherman Santimartin Abdul Ghani was caught.

Dayan Hussein said, as far as is known, the high price of the fish due to the fish plane of the Pope or the bladder. He heard that a special type of operational thread was made with the bladder. However, he can not say anything about it.

The man who had left the nets in the trap, Abdul Rude said that on Tuesday morning, on his fishing boat, the other two fishermen had gone fishing. About a mile of St. Martin, around 10 am, he pulled out a net in the flowery well of the flower. After a while, the fish were caught on the net and returned to the island without delay. The competition began between the local businessman Norul Islam and the Karim puzzle after seeing the fish returning to the ghat fish. Fifteen to ten rupees were sold to Pazal Karim, and the fish sold 100,000 rupees. He had already received the money, he realized.

The papal fish caught in the trap of Abdul Awni is known as Cal Pia in the local language. And the price of this period was the price of Fourier, already known by Abdul Gani. Earlier, his network was caught on the net. But they were small in size, weighing a pound and a half. He said that such a large fish had never been caught before.

Fishman Pazal Karim told Magny that he bought the fish for the coke of Bazaar Yitzhak.

Meanwhile, the fish news rushed to St. Martin and wanted Isaac. On a phone call, Isaac said he had bought the fish at risk. If the fadana or lung weighs 900-950 grams, but it will be profit by selling. If the weight is low then the losses will be several hundred thousand taka. He will sell the fish to the businessman of Yitagong, PK. Das. Pike Das, who was out of state, said that he bought the fish talking to WhatsApp. PK Das will export fish and fish to Padana abroad, Yitzchok said.

The fish are stored in St. Martin's ice. Isaac will leave for Chittagong on Wednesday with the fish.

The St. Martin Councilor (UP) a kindly friend said that the fishing of fishing fishermen of St. Martin was caught in a large fishing and sea fishing. But he'd never heard of selling fish at such high prices.

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