Monday , October 25 2021

Young Apple Store with Bathatab full of coins


One of the latest iPhone models to buy the iPhone XS comes with a retail store and a bath on the store, but young is not coming alone with the bathroom. In the store, about 300 kilograms of bathtubs arrived at the store.

It has been reported that the Russian blogger Vitalus Kovaleko removed the fraud can be seen that the bathroom sold at 1,300 euros of Russian rubles. Calgam rush to count these coins, Apple employees at this event store did not leave the scope of the camera and other buyers there.

An Apple store clerk said that Vitoslav Kubelko had called a bathroom retailer here before he brought him. He said he was coming to buy iPhone XS with Bathatab filled with coins. But it seems to be joking.

Kamushina said, "Do not come in the shop that buys every day Rose!

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