Thursday , October 28 2021

Zyklon & Gaza In the Bay of Bengal, signal number 2


Zyklon & Gaza In the Bay of Bengal, signal number 2

Write online. The deep depression caused by the Bay of Bengal has become a cyclone. The Regional Committee of the World Meteorological Organization named Zyklon & Gaza. Meanwhile, due to cyclone, sea ports sought to show a remote warning signal 2, the Department of Meteorology said.

Today, the department of the Department of Meteorology said that deep depression in the south-east of the Bay of Bengal and surrounding areas has become a cyclone in the east and the central Gulf of Bengal and adjacent to the Central West Bay of Bengal and South East of Bengal due to advanced concentrated West-West.

The cyclone is located 202 km southwest of Chittagong Harbor, 945 km southwest of Cox's Bazaar Port, and 1.5 km south of Mongala Harbor and 960 km south of the port. The dove at 6:00. It may move north towards further thickening.

Meanwhile, Chittagong, Cox of Bazar, Mongla and Piara Sea Ports were asked to reduce the remote alert signal 1, instead of showing the remote warning signal number 2.

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