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10 things you did not know about Mega Drive

While many maintain 90 Super NES, Mega's SEGA Drive was then overwhelmed by his rival. Repeat this unexpected success …

There is no Sonic at launch

While Sonic the Hedgehog will be remembered as an iconic console game, SEGA initially did not plan to place its hedgehog in the limelight. Some of the game titles have accompanied the release of the console: Space Harrier 2, Golden Ax, Ghouls, Ghosts, Super Thunder Blade or Shinobi Revenge. The first game that was offered with the console was the excellent Alterbad Beast, which was previously released in the arcade.

Originally, SEGA wanted to make the Altered animal a game that would signify a generation of players. If he received a very warm reception from the critics, this is Sonic, a more colorful title, more public but not necessarily more accessible, which will win the biggest hit on the console.

Nintendo is the origin of its success

Directed at Yamoush's time, Nintendo has adopted a very aggressive policy towards developers, following the success of its NES. The Japanese group imposed very strict conditions on the developers, and gradually forced them to move to the alternative proposed by Sega. The success of the console has gradually convinced many developers to turn to mega drive – which will partially explain the enormous success of the console.

She can download games

In 1990, SEGA will market a device called Mega Modem, which will allow Mega Drive owners to connect to the Internet and access a catalog of 17 games – reserved exclusively for them.

The service will not win a huge success course – considering the charged prices and especially the not very attractive Mega Modem line. Still, the mega drive is still the first console to have offered access to online service, years before Dreamcast and Playstation 2 …

Sonic was not the amulet of the terminal

Originally, SEGA wanted to make Alex Kid the iconic character of his console. Just one game Alex Kid will see the day at Mega Drive: Alex Kid in the magical castle.

A few months later, Sonic the Hedgehog will be released in stores and will overshadow the sales of the game, positioning itself as a new Sonic Amulet.

Alex Kid will never recover from this failure. The character will later appear only as Kamo in other SEGA productions.

Some games were sold for 100 euros

At the time of mega-drive, there was no standard for gaming rates being sold in stores. Most titles were sold around 60 euros, but some titles were selling much more expensive, to 80, even 100 euros.

SEGA will sell some titles over € 100, including the excellent Star Fantasy II or Virtua Racing. What relativize rates today …

Motorola under the hood

Not AMD or Intel at the time. The mega-drive sent a Motorola processor "made in America."

Motorola 68000 will also be used for many other electronic products, including the design of the Apple Macintosh.

A wise choice from SEGA Since for many developers, designing a title on this platform was a breeze. There was no need to recognize the platform do not appreciate, or adapt. This explains why many titles will be released on mega-drive rather than SNES.

There were many variations

During his career, Megadrive will be eligible for multiple variations, with the release of the Mega Drive 2, CDX, Mobile Megadrive (NOMA) and Mega Drive 3.

A strong critic at the time for his strategy, SEGA was able to take full advantage of its marketing to sell the console to tens of millions of copies.

The Japanese group will go even further by allowing later companies to market their mega-drive. The idea? The flood in the market to crush the Japanese opponent SEGA.

It was backwards compatible

Another advantage of the console, the Mega Drive was compatible and backward compatible to an accessory called Power Base Converter that allowed to launch the main system headers on its console.

Unknown to the West, the Master system was the ancestor of the Mega Drive. She has met in her career a much more mixed success. Many mega drive buyers, however, said SEGA they wanted to explore their gaming catalog …

Years before the Xbox 360 and PS2, SEGA will present one of the first retro compatible consoles.

She had a wireless controller

Years before the Xbox 360, SEGA inaugurated one of the first wireless controllers on a mega-drive.

In the absence of Bluetooth technology, the technology was then based on an infrared sensor.

To work, the mega wireless drive controller should tune the receiver console.

His mixed success pushed SEGA to give up the idea of ​​releasing the next console.

She introduced the game classification system

The arrival of headlines such as Mortal Kombat, the Night Trap and Shinobi made the public worry about violence in video games. Proactively, SEGA took the lead and introduced its game classification system with a mega drive.

All games marketed were so classified to fit a very particular public. The goal? Prevent children from getting their hands on a game like Mortal Kombat.

However, it is only years later that parents will begin to worry about violence in video games and the first classification bodies will be created.

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