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A gynecologist warns of the dangers of vaginal garlic teeth

Jade egg to increase sexual energy, parsley to promote the date of dryness, yogurt to protect the flora … When it comes to intimate female sphere, strange advice spread on the Internet. But while most of these remedies are not harmful if not effective, some are quite dangerous, such as the garlic clove in the vagina to protect against fungal infections. "Do not even think about it," American gynecologist intimate Gunter on Twitter.

For a while, many videos have been distributed on YouTube encouraging women with fungal infections to insert garlic cloves into the vagina for three days. Because by them, garlic had antibacterial degrees to protect the intimacy of infections. Fake, fake, archaic and fake, shaken by Gunter.

"I can not believe I have to explain it in 2019, but it's true," she wrote on Twitter. "Garlic contains a molecule called allicin, a natural antibiotic with anti-germ properties, but it's only in laboratories," says the doctor. The antifungal capabilities of garlic have only been shown in a petri dish: "These results are found in the laboratory, not even on the mouse." "Your vagina is not a container of cells," she recalls. Because allicin to be released, garlic cloves should be cut or crushed in a sterile environment. "And I suppose even a pure clove of garlic or crushed directly on the mucous mucous, do not even think," she insists.

Garlic can contain bacteria that can seriously infect your vagina

What's more, garlic cloves can contain bacteria from the soil or from where it is stored. Also, placing it in a field such as vaginal vegetation is very dangerous. According to Gunter Gunther, the most moisture vagina is the perfect environment for the development of the bacterium associated with botulism, life-threatening neurological risk, caused by a very strong toxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. The latter usually develops in poorly preserved foods.

"Bacteria from the soil can be pathogenic – bad for the body, so sinew wounds," explains Gunther. "If you really have a vaginal infection, this bacterium from the ground is very likely to infect you."

Finally, vaginal garlic can create biofilms, a multicellular community of microorganisms which are often found as plaque. "You do not want it, especially in your vagina," says Gunter. And to conclude: "50 to 70% of women who take care of themselves for vaginal infections have actually never had real vaginal infections.This sometimes happens because the infection is self-healing and this n" placebo effect is also possible, if you think garlic can cure you, You may feel better for a while, but it will only be temporary. "

Mycosis often comes from a change in the natural balance of the vaginal plant

Vaginal yeast infection is usually very common, usually caused by yeast fungus, which is naturally present in the genital tract, while in most cases 25% of the women with this fungus do not develop a disorder, 75% suffer from at least one lesion of vaginal thrush in their lives In two-thirds of cases, the infection is caused by a change in the natural balance of the vaginal plant, for the remaining third, is external, generated by sexual contact or with an infected object.

Microscopic marks are easily recognizable: permanent itching of the vulva and vaginal entrance, thick white discharge, odors, vaginal vaginal movements during urination, a bright, swollen red wound and painful intercourse. Also, if you suffer from one or more of these symptoms, instead of taking advice on the net, go to a health professional who will prescribe an anti-fungal medication in the form of a capsule to put into the vagina or a swallow tablet, usually accompanied by cream to apply to the vulva for a week.

No parsley or eggs in the vagina

And if it hurts to pay for consultation with a gynecologist, you will at least be sure to avoid the unpleasant surprises that can result from a grandmother technique retrieved online. Among the "vaginal" tendencies that have been the most shrewd experts in recent months are: parsley to stimulate circulation and the jade egg Gwyneth Paltrow For the parsley recommended by Marie-Claire United Kingdom, "There is no proof that a woman enjoys it, and it is clear that she may suffer a significant blow to the death penalty." I call on women not to insert anything (in their vagina, ed) unless they have acted on the advice of a doctor, "said Dr. Shahia Malik, a gynecologist and urogynology specialist in Phoenix, Arizona. "There are ways to manipulate your menstrual cycle and avoid your periods, but you should discuss them with your gynecologist," she insisted.

As for the geisha balls recommended by the Oscar winning actress for "the existence of sexual energy, increasing orgasm, balance of menstruation, reflexology of vaginal walls, tightening of the skin, preventing uterine shrinkage, increasing control over the whole body. In the body, increase the female energy and stimulate our inner strength, "they shouted in the famous" Estate Gunter, very vigilant in vaginal new trends and active on social networks.

"My problem begins with the beginning of your text on Jade Eggs, and especially on it: "Malchut and women used them to stay in shape for emperors." Saying it helps to balance the hormones is simply not biologically possible. Pelvic floor exercises can help with incontinence and even give strong orgasms for some women, but they can not alter the hormones. The same for women's energy. I'm a gynecologist and I do not know what it is. How to test it? Fair and organic stools for urine pH testing will soon be on sale for $ 77 ($ 72) in GOOP (the welfare brand created by Gwyneth Paltrow, the editor's note), I suppose? His blog.

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