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A rare insect returns to Belgium after more than 60 years



A four-sided swallowtail, an insect vaguely resembling a bee, was spotted in Buckworth (Flemish Brabant). These species have not been observed in Belgium since 1953.

The path in which it was discovered contained no less than 55 types of single bees. In total, the Natuurpunt Society counted 101 species of bees in Buckcourt. The Regional Council Director, Ons Dorp, explained the measures taken by the municipality to provide better chances for survival for bees, especially in the area of ​​managing the Copts, to create more open spaces. "Sunlight is easier to get to the ground, which is good for bees nesting in the ground, but also for many plants and spices."

The regional environmental organization of Noord-Hageland used the European Monetary Fund (ERDF) project of the European Monetary Fund, "Another Nature for Better Fruits" to install wooden blocks where small openings were opened for people and fruit growers. A "Beis Hotel" was installed in each commune of the area covered by the association.

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