Monday , September 26 2022

An attempt to shed without braille paraplegique accusé d'avir volé 20 stères de bois


Brabant and Walon

Le tribunal correctionnel du Brabant wallon a acquitté mercredi un quadre-journalé de Braine-l 'Alleud, qui électrique pourceivi pour pourre de 20 à 30 stères de bois. The defendant is already at the end of the list, a photograph in which a sale of the precautionary measures, the delivery of the goods and the equipment of a hurdle. Avocado de la défense was an illusion of plaidé de optique, le bois found in the backyard of the remorque that was seen.

Avait also produced a copy of the PV for the documents to be transmitted to the parket and be incomplete. In the public office, in the audience, was not at stake this kind of optical illusion and you would need a five-month comb of a prison with a surceis. Dans are required, substitute avay notamment leévequé le procès-verbal de la police and local room service is available for services.

The defense was produced by a copy of the verbal process that was passed to your client after the audition to show that part of the document was transferred to the parquet. The alternative, which examined the copy, agreed that the copywriter that was already addressed to him was unreliable, and that I was signed only by the copier and not by the audition. "There is a gift, who gives profiter au prévenu", avait-alors conu.

The court is there Wednesday afternoon, announcing the acquittal of the brain.

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