Monday , June 27 2022

Anthem: Less than 100 viewers on Twitch – News


A few days after the announcement of the postponement of content planned for April at an indefinite date, it is difficult for players to know the future of the anthem, despite the statements of BioWare.

Meanwhile, Viewers on Twitch seem to lose interest Of the title since last Under 100 viewers After a Peita peak to 65,000 and then output around 45,000 according to TwitchTracker. At the time of writing, it is only 74 spectators, Spread out on 3 channels, which watch the anthem. As we said for Apax Legends, it does not mean that no one plays it, but the public's turn to watch it has collapsed.

However, according to our colleagues Forbes, The players base was dropping so much that it was starting Cause matchmaking problems. It's impossible to see this from our side, especially since BioWare does not communicate about it. And yet, the anthem is The second best of the studio Behind Mass Effect 3, What To Lure EA And BioWare persevere.

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