Friday , May 7 2021

Arue: A diabetes test operation

This Saturday morning, in front of the shopping centers of the municipality of Arue, 510 people were able to be consulted by a medical team consisting of 9 volunteers themselves diabetics and a special nurse. This diabetes survey operation is spread over two days, Saturday and Sunday. "We started tracking store employees because they arrived very early," said Lidi Foa, president of the Diabetes Association.

"The health message of moving the body, it finally begins to passAs for endocrinologist Ann Ibus Boisin, 35% of Polynesia population are still concerned about diabetes. The operation is organized by ADOF, the organization of diabetic patients and obese people of French Polynesia. Help from the Papeete Rotary Club.

Sunday, the appointment is from 8h to 12h in front of Carrefour d 'Arue.

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