Thursday , September 29 2022

Barrett swings can not do better than before the penultimate on Obihiro 5,000 meters


Saturday, Louvanist finished 4th in the Mass Start & And 8 at 1,500 meters. In addition to competing with his training partners in Norway in Khmer and Marathon in the Netherlands, these were the first meters of swing in this new skating season.

The Dutchman Patrick Rust (6: 13.02) controlled the 5000 meters. The whole world champion was accompanied by a podium by Russian Alexander Rumyantsev (6: 17.67) and Ben Marcel Bosker (6: 18.12).

On the other hand, Ted-Jan dealt with Blumen, Sonning, only in the first round in less than thirty seconds. In the end, the best Belgian skater hit only the German Felix Malley.

Mathias Westa closed the international opening weekend with 18th place in Group B of 1,000 meters at 1: 11.27. Japan Massaya Yamada, also the first of the 500 and 1500m, won at 1: 08.85. In group A, Pavel Collies punched from Russia was impressed with the extraordinary time in the plane of 1: 07.85.

The skaters stay in Japan. Next week (November 23-25) will be World Cup II Tomakomai, located on the island of Hokkaido, in the north of the country. The exterior route was recently renovated. Union International Skating Federation (UIP) has decided not always to go into the hallway for big competitions, but also slip out from time to time out of fashion.

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