Monday , November 29 2021

Champions League: PSG attack Naples and fend off a continental piasco


The defeat at the foot of Vesuvius will bring Paris to crisis: the PSG must prevail in Naples Tuesday (21H00 / 20H00 GMT) to ward off the ghost of the liquidation of C1 pools that will not be published to Qatari owners, pushed by the revelations of "football leaks".

Only third with 4 points of the "Death Group" dominated by Liverpool (6 points) and Naples (5 pts), the French club plays a decisive game in Italy, the century of its history in the Champions League.

But for coach Thomas Tuchel it is necessary to keep cool head while facing, in boiling Sao Paulo, Neapolitans "very disciplined in defense" and "dangerous in attack on their individual qualities."

Despite the stakes, "there is no need to risk too much," he tried to calm the German tactician, eager to play "confidently and in attack" according to the Parisian identity.

In the hostile monastery of Naples, the former coach Borussia Dortmund will rely on the experience of goalkeeper Jannueligi Buffon (40), the Italian novice star, slow down the fervor of Lorenzo Inesgan and Drees Martens, "still illustrated last weekend by a trio in the series A & # 39;

– "Do not lose" –

"I know the stadium very well and I think it is very hard to win here because it is very hot," said the former goalkeeper of Juventus Turin, well aware of the turning point that could be a duel in Naples.

"This is not a normal game" because the PSG must win after having already roasted some clowns in the Champions League. "But the most important thing is the first not to lose" because there will still be two games behind, tip "Gigi".

The 2006 World Champion with Italy will be able to count on the presence of his captain Tiago Silva, back from injury, and Prespem defender Kimpembe, suspended in the league. In the attack, however, Edinson's presence "El Matador" Cavani, the former darling of Napoli (2010-2013) absent during the last two outputs of the PSG (hip), remains unclear.

Imperial in the French league with 12 consecutive victories from the beginning of the season, the PSG is in poor shape on the continental stage after the initial defeat against Liverpool (2-3) and the snatch pulled the Italians two weeks ago at home (2-2).

A defeat would not necessarily lead to annihilation, but it would bring her to a perilous danger, three weeks before the Reds in Park de Prince.

The Carlo Napoli's Napoli showed on the first leg that he could do more than compete against the Paris Armada, which controls to the extreme comparison of Angelina di Maria. But there is no question of being too big, for those who won the event three times (2003, 2007 with Milan, 2014 with Real Madrid).

"Even if the result on the first leg could have been better for us, in the end to succeed in beating Paris, it would be necessary to do something extraordinary," asked Carletto, the first version of the PSG coach category (2011-2013).

The withdrawal certainly hurt the wealthy owners of the French club that injected millions to dream about Europe, especially in the summer of 2017 by hiring Neymar and Killian from Baba (more than $ 400 million). "Euro), making them the most expensive players in history.

Especially since the Paris Club, which has not moved beyond the quarterfinals of the C1 in six participants under the Qatari flag, has been taken since Friday in the revelations of a consortium of European media, including Mediapart, which accuses him of "financial doping" and arrangements with UEFA to overtake the rules of the game Financial fair.

The goal of the well-known players: to bypass the defense of Naples and return three points of Italy, to prevent the new Parisian leaders jerks, sports this time. At least temporarily.

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