Monday , October 25 2021

Doping – Portuguese André Cardoso Suspended 4 years ago by UCI #Cardoso #UCI #Doping #Doping #Antidoping


Andre Cardozo Was suspended for 4 years after a positive EPO test in June 2017, just before the onset Tour in France, He announcedUCI In a statement released Thursday, November 15. If the time between the positive control and the sanction was so long, it was because the analysis of the sample demanded by the Portuguese proved "Unequivocal" At the same time. But in the end,UCI Choose to suspend it, explain it "In accordance with the rules of the Anti-Drug Tribunal, the requested decision will soon be published on the UCI website." This suspension is retroactive, Cardoso Will be able to leave on 26 June 2021. He will then be 37 years old …

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