Thursday , October 28 2021

DRC: Cholera does more than 800 deaths


Cholera has already caused 857 deaths since the beginning of the year in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, according to data released Wednesday by the local office of the World Health Organization (WHO).

This epidemiological eruption is particularly exacerbated by the awakening of dormant cells in homes recorded last year.

The most affected populations are those living in "health zones bordering large rivers, even in areas where there is a water supply deficit or sanitation problems".

At least one case of cholera has been reported in 21 of 26 provinces in the country. The districts most affected by the disease rise are those of Kasai Oriental, Lomami Center, South Kivu, Tanganyika, and Upper Katanga in the east of the country.

In the past year, cholera killed 1,190 people in the DRC for 55,000 cases. According to WHO's response program, vaccination of high-risk populations is the preferred method.

The vaccination campaign will target more than 6 million people by 2020. In 2018, in addition to cholera, the DRC is coping with the tenth outbreak of Ebola fever, in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri.

Ebola has already killed 212 people since 1 August. The epidemic affects the city of Beni, where the senatorial response is complicated by the killing of the armed group ADF.

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