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Game of the Throne: Petition to complain about "unfit" who wrote the season 8


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It is an understatement to say that the final season of the HBO series feeds controversy with its very large community of fans.

While the final campaign will be broadcast this Sunday, May 19 in the United States, thousands of excited fans signed a petition seeking a remake of the eighth and final series of injuries.

More than 35,000 signed a petition at and asked HBO executives to rewrite the last six episodes (already broadcast) with new artists. "(The creators of the play) David Benioff & Weiss have proved to be very disrespectful writers when they have no source documents (ie books) to rely on", Writes the petitioner. "This series deserves a reasonable last season – upset my expectations and make it happen, HBO!"He concludes.

This cry came a few days after the wave of reactions to the fifth chapter of season 8, published last Sunday. Many fans were very unhappy with the chain of events in the final episode. To the extent that some, then, ask the season to be completely redone. As a reminder, "Game of Thrones" Based on the fantasy novels of George & Martin.

However, from the sixth season, the series did not exactly follow the history of the novels. Season 7 and 8, they are no longer adapting since Martin's latest books have not yet finished.

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