Monday , October 25 2021

Hockney Canvas sells $ 90.3 million, a record for a live artist


A painting by British painter David Hockney was sold for $ 90.3 million at Christie's on Thursday, putting the album to live artist by the end of the week and ending a week of sales in New York.

"Portrait of an Artist" (pool with two figures) has dethroned "Dog Balloon (Orange)" by Jeff Koons, sold for $ 58.4 million in 2013, also at Christie's in New York.

The auction began at $ 18 million and the $ 50 million mark was made in just 30 seconds.

The canvas was finally sold for $ 80 million after just over nine minutes, the price rose to $ 90.3 million by adding commissions and commissions, during this sale which was the last of the big fall sales in New York.

"I think it's a record that will last a long time," said Loek Geuser, co-president of Christie's post-World War II art, which has sold over $ 1 billion this week.

The painting also shattered the record on a work by the 81-year-old British painter who owned the Pacific Coast Highway and Santa Monica, which was purchased in May for $ 28.4 million. A sale organized by Sotheby's.

Nothing of this amount will go to the painter himself, who sold the painting in 1972 for about $ 20,000.

"I hope he is happy," said David Hockney, co-chairman of Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Art, "I hope he does not regret selling it for so much money."

"We can rarely say: this is the opportunity to buy the best painting of the artist … This time it is the situation," said Anna Maria Celis, vice president of the department after – contemporary and Christian art, during the presentation of the painting.

Beyond that, the work is considered "one of the great works of art of the modern era," claimed Alex Rotter, co-president of contemporary art and the World War at Christie's.

On this large canvas (2.13 m. On 3.05), an elegant man standing by the pool, contemplating one more swim underwater, against an idyllic landscape. Trees and mountains.

– "Evolution of taste" –

She became one of the works of David Hockney's cult, which appears on the cover of many books about the artist.

She was also one of the attractions of a retrospective dedicated to her in 2017, for her 80th birthday.

Hockney's record ended the big fall sales in New York, marked by constant demand, but also some failures.

For two consecutive nights, Sunday and Monday, the star cloth did not find guards, Van Gogh estimated $ 40 million and the work of American Marsden Hartley estimated $ 30 million.

Thursday, a painting by Jackson Pollock, a nail from the sale of Phillips, Third World House, estimated at $ 18 million, remains in the arms of its owner.

"I think there's really a change in taste right now," said Edward Dolman, CEO of Philips Sales House. "And you see it during the week of sales here in New York. There is an appetite for innovation and contemporary art. "

Signed the fact that the interest of the collectors was not rejected, dozens of records were beaten this week, including non-contemporary artists such as Belgian painter Renee Magritte, who purchased a $ 26.8 million Sotheby's on Monday.

Barney Evesworth's Tycoon collection, distributed by Christie, reached $ 323 million and ranks fourth in the auctions.

"I think (market) always have a sponsor for the right things," Dolman told AFP. "We have to choose and make sure to track market trends."

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