Monday , July 22 2019
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Intermarché offers … 1 + 2 Free!


Last February, Albert Hain took a step Promotional War Supermarkets by offering many products under 1 + 2 free offer. Customers rushed, but competitors decided to file a complaint about the economic test. This price war was quite understandable in Flanders: Albert Hain just got off, which Colerwright, the leader, had not seen a good eye.

On the Walloon side, certainly Supermarkets compete invention When it comes to offering us promotional prices but we have yet to witness such an escalation. To this day. Even Intermarché, no doubt, decided to anchor more firmly in the landscape of vital shops.

The store offers many promotions: 1 + 1 free, 2 + 2 free, -50% but also 1 + 2 free. Here are some products.

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