Sunday , October 2 2022

Minecraft: Version 1.19, called Wild Update, will arrive in 2022 – Minecraft


While the second part of Caves and Cliffs, version 1.18 of Minecraft, Has not yet been released, but is due to arrive in a few weeks, which was said by the developers on the occasion of Minecraft Live 2021, Mojang Studios, which is responsible for the development, of course took advantage of the event to tell us a little more about the future of its game. So, somewhere in 2022 (no window specified), we will find out The wild update, which will therefore fit version 1.19 of Minecraft.

Among the innovations that are expected, Mujang promises us A new way to play, more fun things and more “world” deep ». If the mangrove swamps settle a bit more in this world, players will be happy to see that one of their requests will finally see the light of day: boats will have chests of drawers. We also learn that the frogs will come. However, bad news has also been announced since then Depp Darker’s stage will not arrive at the end of this year, but through the wild update. The developers explain themselves in the assessment that the experience still requires some time before it can be played perfectly.

As for Caves and Cliffs Part 2, Mujang says the peaks will be even higher, but the depths will be deeper, and will increase the possibilities and especially the exploration. According to the developers, if you upload a save, after performing the update, usually created caves will not appear. We have to find out all this by the end of the year.

about Wild updateNo publication date given. However, while we are going to find out more details over the coming months, Mojang tends to launch its major updates in early summer. Thus it was possible to target June or July 2022.

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