Thursday , October 28 2021

Perron: We're exchanging the copy, first!



A spectacular operation at the beginning of Thursday: Perron moved Place du Marché

In the present form, the monument dates back to the beginning of the 14th century … A symbol of Lyraz's freedom, Perron was even removed from his base by Charles Bould in 1468 to take him to Bruges where it was exposed but, ten years later it There was Prince Louis de Bourbon himself who brought him back to Ardent City. respect.

"He was greeted enthusiastically by Helís and became a palladium of their citizenship", We were told the Government Heritage at the beginning of the year and Thursday, 15 November 2018, five months after the dissolution, we finally replace it …

It is, therefore, the first for Peron, this great heritage is classified as an extraordinary legacy of Wallonia … Never before the Python was indeed dismantled, but according to experts, its renovation or rather its replacement has become necessary. In fact, the two marble pillars of Carrera and the statue of the three Gracias showed signs of laxity. At the column level, it has become "Too porous and too damaged". Also can be reconditioned. It is replaced by the same copy, also of Carrera marble. The column joined the Three Graces at the Curtis Museum.

For the statue in fact, it was already a copy that would also be replaced by a new marble carrera. The cost of the operation: € 332,568.

Let's not be afraid of words, because of the exceptional nature of this legacy, the operation that will be carried out on Thursday morning promises to be spectacular, because it is not published. From 6:30, the crane will arrive at the Dou Maresha marvel. It will be installed between the hours of 7 am to 8 am This will come by unloading their installation elements, until 10:30.

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