Wednesday , September 28 2022

Roberto Martinez: "We've forgotten everything"


Red Devils

Roberto Martinez refused to point out a mental problem: "It's not arrogance, we just defended bad …"

"We wanted so to be first … This is a huge disappointment, the way we lost this game is very painful, if your opponent sweeps you, it's easier to get, but here, leading 0-2, we can not give this advantage" .

Like all demons, Roberto Martinez was confused by this astonishing defeat. He did not want to look for false excuses. Similar to arbitration: "The key moment was punishment, whether it was fake or not, I trust the judge."

He also did not use the excuse of packages Romelu Lukaku or Kevin de Bruyne. "I do not intend to talk about the absentees because our first meeting showed that we could reach a high level without them, and we thought it would be very difficult at the beginning of the meeting.

But after all, everything collapsed. The mentality failed clearly. But this, the coach refused to see him. Or in any case, to admit it publicly. "Half the time I felt the team was still very convinced, no, it was not vanity, just defending ourselves, we lost control and concentration, we did not defend ourselves well and we did not make a block, we even took a goal after a corner …"

Now, this is about the coach and his team digesting the news and moving on, while not escaping the flood of criticism.

"This is a difficult moment, we need to stand out stronger"Concludes Roberto Martinez. "We need to understand what happened, we'll learn from him, but it has nothing to do with the elimination against Wales …"

Even if it's not so bad, we still see some similarities.

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