Tuesday , June 28 2022

Sonic's first trailer fell, and it's still much worse than you think – a news movie


For months, Sonic seems like a wonderful disaster. And Carrie's first image sells us a dream.

It is not easy to adjust the saga of video games Sonic On the large screen, since its narrative framework is almost always transparent. The character thought to compete with Mario, and was designed aroundIdea of ​​play (speed) It is only very late developed a "universe", a change and not fundamentally cinematographic.

And this is perhaps how the embarrassment and the perverse pleasure caused by the first trailer of Sonic, The Movie. We allow you to enjoy this mountain of infinitely weak, without telling you any more.

The irony still bites. In 1993, Super Mario Brothers Proved One of the worst video game adjustments ever stagedAnd it seems that this record of absurd shame can only be found by the only competitor at the time. It was necessary to wait to find a similar visual attack.

Another parallel, if Dennis Hopper, harp of Super Mario Brothers, It seems a limit of bad taste is insurmountable, and Carrie can certainly be a great contender. Note however, unlike the visuals that leaked a few hours ago, the scenario tends to make him look "robotnik after a few twists.

Photography, Super Mario Bros.

Photo 5 From: Picture of Sea Curry /At the duel head?

Scheduled for November in the United States, Sonic, The Movie With Jim Carrey, but also a G & James Marsden, Tika Sumpter, Lee Majdoub and Ben Schwartz called the Blue Hedgehog still no release date announced in France.

With the trailer, Two posters were also uncovered by Paramount. They look down.

French poster


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