Monday , May 16 2022

SoulCalibur 6: A Different Approach to Battle Game (Test)


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After 6 years of absence, the famous SoulCalibur slice in the heat to make a thunderous return.

There is no doubt that in its chapters, the famous series has delighted a large part of the community of fans As opposed to fighting. While doubts about the opportunity to see the revival of the license dwindled, SoulCalibur does not say its last word.

For its comeback, the developers have made an incredibly faithful copy of the franchise's soul. History Causes As an eternal loop, the regulars will quickly find their mark. On the other hand, uninitiated will reveal a classic scenario, but ineffectual demonic. A black dot on the board, lack of animation and kinematics is felt. The most complex aspect may deter more than one.

The game has a complete tutorial that lets you learn all movement with accuracy. The opportunity to make the best swinger will be in your head. Unlike other fighting games, SoulCalibur offers another angle. Indeed, the usual guard backwards becomes exclusive contact. It will not be the only disturbance, it's this privacy that gives all its charm to work. Once all these habits are taken, the game will only open up the player and glide with generosity toward him. Without going back on all the innovations of this chapter, the new movements offer options never seen in the series.

Character creation tool specific to the series is an opportunity to give your life craziest cravings. The possibilities are almost endless and your imagination will be your only limit. However, the tool is very similar to the one that existed six years ago on the fifth repetition. Let's mention the presence of a completely integrated guest in the world of the game: Geralt de Reeve (Sorcerer). Nier 2B Character: Automata will also appear in DLC.

Visually, SoulCalibur misses the mark. The modeling of characters and environments blames the blow and offers a processing date. Without prejudice to the game experience, you can not be indifferent to this visual aging coating.

Pleasant to play for two novice fans, SoulCalibur VI exudes a delicious and memorable scent fair by our sense of smell. This repetition enlivens our olfactory system, which remains long in suspense while awaiting the return of this unique universe.

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