Saturday , May 15 2021

The Brazilian model suddenly died in the parade

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The 26-year-old Brazilian died suddenly on Saturday at a fashion show at Sao Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW). "The SPFW has just learned about the death of the model" Thales Suarez, "who suffered suffering during the parade of Också, a Brazilian brand, organizers said in a statement. They gave no details of the reasons for this death.

The young man, whose stage name was "Teles Kota", fainted as he turned to leave the podium.

The firefighters, who were in the area, immediately intervened in front of dozens of astonished spectators, according to information in the local press.

Också told herself about Instagram "collapsed by the news" of death.

The fashion week of Sao Paulo is the most important fashion event in Latin America. It started on April 22 and ended on Saturday.

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