Thursday , July 29 2021

The markets are closing Campan buys "Greenard" The Fed supports the dollar

Europe red after the Fed and the results, Edenred against the trend

1. Major European exchanges are developing
Net decrease after the monetary interest rate decision
The Federal Government (Fed), which supported the assumption of an interest rate hike
December, and new releases and business results.

Paris fell by 1.09%, Frankfurt by 0.86%, Amsterdam by 0.46%
Brussels of 0.44%. Eurostoxx 50 Eurozone is down
0.84% ​​and Stokes 600 also loses 0.85%.

The Stoxx Core Resource Index fell 2.4% on the decline
The prices of major metals, such as copper moves towards its most
A sharp weekly drop since mid-August.

4. Warning on results ThyssenKrupp Not helping either: the action of the German steel producer wins 10.28% in Frankfurt.

5. Stokes oil and gas index Fell by 1.07% as oil prices fell sharply. This connection is far from positive redness, Has been attacked after a quarterly publication considered disappointing. The title of an energy storage expert wins 11.63%, the biggest fall in Stokes.

6. Swiss Warning Write it down (-6.34%) on the demand for luxury goods shakes the whole sector. Swatch Back more than 5% moncler Loses 2.5%, Kring drops 2.9% and LVMH drops 1.79%.

7. The failures of BBVA Mexico, following the government's proposal to reduce
Banking, considering the banking sector in Europe, which
The Stoxx index fell 1.68%.

8. On the contrary, Edenred (+ 3.83%) stands out at the top of Stoxx 600 after the acquisition of the American Fintech CSI for 600 million euros.

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