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Tour in Italy – Step 6 for Masnada, Valerio Conti in pink #Giro # Giro102 # from Sanda #Conti #Madouas #Roglic


The warriors were in the limelight on stage 6 of Tour in Italy. For the first time since the beginning They shot, The breakaway of the day went to the end and it is Fausto from Sanada (Androni-Giocattoli) who won the front Valerio Conti (UAE UAE Emirates), who takes the pink shirt. In today's breakaway day, Valentine Maduas (Groupama-FDJ) and Nantes Peters (AG2R La Mondiale) finished 7th and 8th and are in the top 5 overall. Primus Roglik (Jumbo-Visma) suffered a minor collision at the start of the stage, and all the favorites came quietly in the Pluto more than 7 minutes after the winner.

Tour in Italy – Step 6 for Masnada, Conti in pink

The start of the race is marked by the fall of some favorites. The pink shirt Primus Roglik, Raphael Magna, Eleanor Zakrin Or again Pascal Akerman Find themselves on the ground, but all leave without a problem. Breakout of the day is difficult to leave, but in the end a group of 13 runners manages to take off: Valerio Conti, Andrei Amador, Jose Joaquin Rogge, Valentine Maduas, Nantes Peters, Fausto from Sanada, Reuben Plaza, Sam Aumann, Nicola Conki, Peter Serry, Amaro Antones, Nicola Begoli and And Bunny Carboni. In the back, Pluto can slide, and this group takes 5 minutes in advance. Visma is a mambo of Roglic But does not seem to want to protect the pink shirt, which is almost on the shoulders of Conti, Which was less than 2 minutes from the Slovenian stage.

5 minutes is on lead where leading men get closer to the last climb. Almost from habit, masnada Attack, followed by just by Conti. The two Italians dig on their pursuers and go to the top with more than 30 "before the trio Plaza-Carboni-Rojas, And 50 & # 39; On the rest of the breakaway. At 10 km from the goal, the gaps are very similar with the pursuers, while the peloton really slowed the pace and points to more than 7 minutes.The two leading men are cooperating well up to the line Conti strip masnada To win, but he comforts himself by catching the pink shirt. Jose Joaquin Rogge Takes third place behind the 38 winner. Madouas Finish 7, just forward Peters. For his part, the Pluton silently cut the line to the winner's.

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