Tuesday , May 11 2021

When the election becomes a horror film for Bart de Weber


The Flemish show "De Ideale Wereld" cartoon the words of the nationalist president in a horrifying video …

In response to our barometer in partnership with RTBF, De Standaard and VRT, Bart de Webber said he was very concerned about the radio microphone. "The pain is gripping my throat when I see the results of the survey. Mayor of Antwerp. Strong suggestions that failed to respond throughout the country. On the other side of the linguistic boundary, the show "De Ideale Wereld" rallied in the N-VA's statements with humor. In fact, a trailer-shaped video of a horror film was produced for the event. Under the title "A Nightmare in Wohststraat" (Note: "A Nightmare on the Street de la Levi", referring to Wes Craven's famous horror film, Nightmare on Elm street or The night nails In French), the Taser mixes Bart De Weaver's "Anxiety," such as Raoul Hedbou, who presents himself as prime minister and scenes of famous horror films such as A stranger, a psychosis, screamed Or again The Shining /.

The Green-Red Tsunami, Christophe Calvo and Elio di Ropo also exist in what the Flemish Channel imagined was a horror film by Bart de Weber.

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