Sunday , August 18 2019
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A German start-up flying a prototype of a taxi


The German start-up, Lillium, introduced a typical taxi yesterday, a technology in which many companies around the world are already working and may revolutionize urban transportation. Five seats equipped with 36 electric motors with operation as the reactor has a range of 300 km with a maximum speed of 300 mph.

This model is part of a long list of eVTOL vehicles (vertical takeoff and descent) that have the ability to take off and land vertically. A taxi for Lilium underwent a first inspection in early May, the company said, and promised a 2025 "four times faster" service.

Initially, the vehicles will have a pilot, but they strive to be completely autonomous. Lilium is one of the dozens of companies in the world, start-ups and airlines such as Boeing and Airbus, commitment to flying taxis, but their distribution was rejected according to existing regulations.

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