Thursday , October 6 2022

Abendro says his mother was threatened with dropping him


Abandro Santo
Abendro Santo (Reproduction / Record)

Abandro Santo was discovered during a conversation with Rafael Ayala, in the afternoon (17) The farm. The comedian said his mother almost knocked him down, and that his grandfather was chasing a gun.

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"When my mother got pregnant with me, my grandfather wanted her to have an abortion, and then I even went to live with my aunt, and my grandfather even chased her with a gun, which was three attempts at miscarriage, but I was born."

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The island said his mother was similar. "My mother was sent from home, her father said, or you stop or you leave.

On this Saturday afternoon (17) Abandro Santo Complained about the laziness of some The farm, After being punished.

The comedian went to get a bucket of water, and no one wanted to help him, he went to accept himself and complain about the participants, but without naming names.

"People can be supportive or individualistic, everyone has the same punishment, and this time it has to help others, because it's a community, but I do it because I always want to keep my conscience clean, everyone knows what they're doing," Evandro mumbles.

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