Saturday , May 15 2021

After the aggression, Neymar says he does not like to lose and wins the support of players, former athletes and his mother

Social networks were the means chosen by Neymar to express Aggression to the supporter, after PSG lose the French trophy title Ran on penalties. The Brazilian said he felt "sad" and was supported by players, former players and his mother.

"No one likes to lose, so I … Those who know me know how competitive I am and how much defeat defeats me, but the loss is part of an athlete's life, makes us grow, makes us think, makes us better." From 1.5 million people until Sunday morning.

"I'd love to be able to play again, score again and feel good on the field, but the biggest feeling today is sadness," added the Brazilian, head down in the accompanying photo.

In the comments, Neymar has won support from former players like Rioaldo and Amaral; The athletes are still active, such as Nene (from Hotels in Dublin County), Moshe (Palm trees) And ArthurSantos); And his mother, Nadine.

"These are things that happen in our lives, but you've had tough times in football, give the Copa America, Brazil champion and you're the best player in the competition," wrote Rivaldo. Already Amaral left a religious message in force saying that "better days will come."

Nenê, who also worked at PSG, wrote: "It's smooth, thin." Palmeirense Moisés, in turn, the city: only those who pass this moment know how difficult it is. Force ".

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The mother's message was also religious and asked the son to "continue looking ahead." "Everything is in the hands of God, only He knows all things … Let us continue to look forward and especially always believe in this God … I love you."

After the game and the attack, on Saturday, Neimer even gave an interview, but did not talk about the dispute with the Supporter, since the images of confusion appeared only later.

In the field, in the final played at Stade de France in Paris, PSG opened 2-0 with assistance (for Daniel Alves) and Neymar's goal. Ran, however, looked for the equalizer and took the best penalties, by 6 to 5 – the Brazilian star to convert his cargo.

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