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After two expansions, Caoi shines and Raptors wins first in a series against the NBA BBA


The Toronto Raptors almost missed the victory that brought two tedious expansions to both teams. However, with a crucial appearance by Kawhi Leonard, 36 points, the home team managed to neutralize Giannis Antetokounmpo and win the 3rd round of the last round of the 118-112 Eastern Conference.

The Greek star Bucks was unknown. He made 8 ball shots, scoring only 12 points and missed 5 out of 7 attempts to throw free. Milwaukee showed that they have a strong cast, with one larger seat, but that was not enough to open a 3-0 series. With the Toronto victory, the Bucks now lead the series 2-1.

Mark Gasol (right) contributed - points on the victory of the Raptors at the Bucks - Photo: Nick Turchiaro-USA Sports todayMark Gasol (right) contributed - points on the victory of the Raptors at the Bucks - Photo: Nick Turchiaro-USA Sports today

Mark Gasol (right) contributed – points on the victory of the Raptors at the Bucks – Photo: Nick Turchiaro-USA Sports today

The first overt match of the Raptors was defense. Kaohy Leonard was in charge of giving the first battle in the Anis Antactoncompo. So much so that the first basket of the game occurred when the Greek managed to cut the light to change the marker and the beautiful tray to complete onto Danny Green. In the attack, Mark Gasol and Pascal Siakam pulled the line of points for the home team. Bad in game 2 in Milwaukee, the couple this time showed confidence to try to beat sparks. With four minutes to go, the Spaniard has already handed over two baskets of three, helping Toronto open 13 x 5 and forcing Mike Bodenhulzer to ask the time for the money.

The hosts have not lost the keeper, Pascal Siakam has managed to steal the ball from Giannis in defense and convert a basket under the suffering table. The Bucks responded with three points. Harris Middleton and Hill reduced the difference on the scoreboard to 18×13 and forced a new time on the field, this time for Raptors.

With Gasol and Siakam well, Sergei Ibaka was the second player of the Raptors who had to earn confidence, since he still could not play well in this series. For a spectacular stomp from the axis on top of Mirotti he picked up the arena in Toronto. Even cleaned in the first quarter, helped Ivke defend. In the attack, top scorer Norman Powell was the highest scorer. With short-range long shots, the wing scored 10 points on the first leg of the game that ended 30 x 21 for the home team.

The speed of Raptors's early offensive passes gave way to a more rhythmic match with Cauchy Leonard looking for the private show. On the Bucks side, Conton hit two long balls in a row and left the game with 6 points difference: 33 x 27 for the Canadian team.

Very marked, the player of any team can not stand out. Leonard even had some photographs, but Janis found a very crowded bottle with Mark Gasol and Seggy Ibaka. With intense movement in the painted area, there were plenty of places left to kick. On one of these occasions, Kyle Lowry hit three and opened 48 x 37 just over four minutes into the break.

At the last minute of the first half, baskets of three passed the score from both sides. Cawley Leonard I had made a very nice basket, having dropped Janis and Brodon with irritating agility. Eric Bledsoes's reaction with another precise pitch for Bucks and Ibaka, in the last second of the fourth he scored three points from the dead. End of the second quarter: 58 x 51 for Toronto Raptors.

The second half of the game began with a second quarter ended, with great intensity on both sides of the court. The reptiles made a very aggressive defense that accelerated the passage. In this way, Gasol, Siakam and Leonard scored baskets that forced the coach of Bucks to stop the game with a 65 x 56 score for the owner of the house.

Brogdon returned to court with two baskets in succession and managed a new approach to the scoreboard. It was Brodon's mission to score Kawhi Leonard, until then the ensemble begins. For Janis, the spaces were rare, and when he could penetrate the opponent's bottle, he was blocked or committed a foul.

In the rest of Caoi Leonard, Pascal Siekam took the lead in the Raptors attack, and with a basket of three he helped keep the advantage of his team, who alternately at home of 10 points. However, at the last minute of the game, the Bucks succeeded with George & Hill and Eric Bledsoe sequence defensive rebounds and baskets against an attack put on the scoreboard: 77 x 75 for the Toronto Raptors at the end of the third period.

However, Giannis Antetokounmpo made a disastrous appearance. The Greek star began the last period with only 6 scoring points and 7 ball debris. However, the player insisted on individual offers, without success. On the side of the Raptors, Kawhi Leonard continued with a consistent game of midfield midfields and Laurie returned to court to hit a remote basket: 85 x 77 for the Raptors with nine minutes to go.

In the lap of time, Ennis & Company did good defenses and reduced the lead to 85 x 82. In response, Powell sent the line three more points to the safe pitch for the Raptors. As happened in game 2, the fish showed the strength of their reserve bench. Brodon and Hill commanded the group's attacks while Janis was resting on the bench. With a Google gadget Hill, Milwaukee tied the game 88 x 88.

And if the attack Antetokounmpo did not make a difference this time in the defense, the Greek assisted with many stumps and tens of thousands, were 23 total at the end of the game.

Until then, less than two minutes to the end, no one else had sat in the Raptors arena. Cavaie hit the jump in his style. Syakam, dug a foul and converted both fields. The advantage was for five points that lacked a minute to the end: 96 x 91.

From there, Bledso missed one of the free shots he was entitled to after a foul. Broadgon prepared a quick basket on the plate, and Toronto took time, with 38 seconds to go: 96 x 94 for the home team so far.

The Raptors missed the pitch and gave Aux a chance to win, but Haris Middleton missed three, and Syakam was left to stop the clock. For Siakam missed the two free throws with 7 seconds to go, the Bucks still had a chance to make three to win, or a basket just to take the game extra time.

The move was for Harrison Middleton who came through a siege, but took advantage of the leftovers to tie the game to two seconds from the end: 96 x 96. Siakam missed the field of three and the game went for extra time.

Overtime kicked with many mistakes on both sides until Danny Green killed a three-ball for a burst of screaming in the ring. On the side of Bax, Hill responded with another basket from afar, tying a match.

Pascal Siakam, who made a good start, took an offensive rebound and then scored two points for the Raptors. Leonard, with a significant jump, increased the gap to four points: 103 x 99. In the next attack, Brodon narrowed to two disability points and missed 34 seconds to finish the extra time.

With Leonard missed a great leap to Bucks' defense, Brogdon pulled out the counterattack and Hill suffered the offense in an attempt to tray and then hit the two free shots to draw the game again: 103 x 103.

The Raptors had 14 seconds to convert a basket to give the win at that moment, but Kawhi Leonard missed the pitch and the third game of the Eastern Conference went for overtime.

And soon in the first offense of the Raptors, a move celebrated with the title title by the fans of the Raptors: Antetokounmpo committed his sixth offense and was forced to leave the court, overturned by a border of violations.

It is time for the Bax to reaffirm the players' value. And so George began. Hill scored the second hour. Mark Gasol responded with a basket of three, taking the lead on the scoreboard. Then in sequence, Cauchy Leonard applies a ball to a counterattack to take off a spectacular buried: 108 x 105 for the Raptors and the requested time on the field with 3:13 on the clock to the end.

The Milwaukee came back with Lopez's basket, but Caoi in a typical move stole the ball on defense and was buried. And 32 seconds missing, after touching the Siakam Pascal in Brooke Lopez, Caoi Leonard infiltrated open 104 x 100 and lead the victory of the Toronto Raptors. In the end, 118 to 112 for the Toronto team, which is still very alive in the series.

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