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Bolsonaro wants to end the delimitation of the native countries – International


Brazil's president, Air Boulsonarro, said today that his government is opposed to new signs of indigenous land on the eve of the trip to Brasilia to begin the transition process.

In an interview with the Bandirientes network, Bolesonaro spoke of various political issues, such as Brazil's participation in Mercosur, the possible extradition of Italy's former left-wing activist Cesar Batiste or the role of teachers in schools.

We have a larger area than the south-eastern part of Indian soil, and what is the security of the field man? "The farmer may wake up today and suddenly know that he is guilty he will lose his farm to a new country."

"What do I mean, if there is legal protection, that as a child, like a human being, he wants to develop, have electricity, medicine, dentistry, the Internet, play football, have a car, travel that when he comes into contact with civilization is quickly shaping a new way of life , Which is so different and better than it. "

"The boy can not continue to be trapped in a marked area as if he were an animal in a zoo …" said Boulsonarro.

– Tables of MERCOSUR –

In the same interview, the president-elect announced that there is implementation in Brazil of the Mercosur license plates uniform vehicle, a block missing its priorities.

"These tables are not a national matter … As far as I'm concerned, we will put an end to it if there is a legal form and if that is really the best option."

The integration agreement in this issue dates back to 2010 and the implementation is set for 2016, but Brazil began the process of replacing the successes with the Mercosol standards only in September, after adding it three times. The adjustment period continues until December 2023.

Argentina and Uruguay, which together with Paraguay and Brazil form the commercial block, are already using the universal panel model, which is designed to facilitate distribution and create a common database.

"I asked for more accurate research … I believe that this consolidation of MERCOSUR plates will bring inconvenience to us and other expenses for car owners," said Boulsonarro.

– Betiste's Extradio –

The new president confirmed his intention to extradite former leftist activist Cesar Battisti, 63, who was sentenced to life in Italy for four murders in the 1970s, in which he admits he is not guilty.

"If it depends on me, it will go back to Italy, yes, immediately, this decision will depend on STF, for which we have knowledge," said Boulsonarro, who on Monday received the Italian ambassador to his home in Rio de Janeiro.

Betty spent about 30 years as a refugee between Mexico and France until she fled to Brazil in 2004.

In 2010, the Czech Republic approved the transfer to Italy, but the then president, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, granted him the status of political refugee.

On Monday, the state's legal adviser, Rachel Dodge, requested that the Federal Supreme Court (STF) quickly rule out the possible extradition of the Italian.

Boulsono also reaffirmed his plan to move the Brazilian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem following the footsteps of US President Donald Trump.

The Palestinian ambassador in Brazil, Ibrahim Alzaban, told AFP that he would try to turn what he hopes to be "just a declaration of a journey."

"We hope that (Bolsonaro) maintains the traditional position of Brazil and respects the UN resolutions on the issue," said Alzeban, the Palestinian representation front in Brazil since 2008.

In the same interview, Boulsono defended students teaching their teachers when one MP of their party, the PSL, advised to fight what they saw as the "school doctrine."

"I'm also a professor of physical education, you can take pictures, I do not see any problem," he said in an interview with Brazil's urgent television program, Bandirientes, when asked if this practice can not be considered authoritative.

"I think the teacher should be proud." If a student asks, "Teacher, can I take your class?" To see the house again, they must be proud of it and not be concerned. "

– "White Card" for Sergio Moro –

In the interview, Boulsonaro revealed that he had given a "100% free hand" to Justice Minister Sergey Moro, a senior advisor to the CIA, to fight corruption and organized crime, adding that in "antithetical" matters to seek "medium" With regard to the flexibility of possession and possession of weapons.

In addition to Serge Murillo, where the biggest impact of the media, Boulsonarro has already selected astronaut Marcos Pontes, in the Synthia folder, the Champ Augusto Helano Ribeiro, the deputy Onyx Lorenzoni for the House of Citizens and the liberal economist Paolo dying for finance.

Jair Boulsonarro will land next Tuesday in Brasilia to begin the transition process, which includes his first meeting with President Michelle Tammer.

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