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Bruna Marquezine appeared powerless in his first film as a hero – a diary of the great ABC


10/11/2018 | 11:08

On Friday, the 9th, director Klaus Mitteldorf published his poster in Ophelia, a film starring Baruna Marcosin, who still has no debut date. In the photo, which you see just above, the actress looks helpless, her hair wet and looking back. In the background is the famous painting O Nascimento de Vénus, by the Italian Sandro Botticelli.

Also on Instagram, the director still released the image of one of the scenes, which was edited. In the legend he wrote:

Ophelia discovers the world of Tedesco in an unprecedented adventure where fiction blends reality. Unnamed: It's almost time!

The film, initially, won the name of Rio-Santos, but now it differs from Ophelia, the name of Marquezine's character in the production. The film, in fact, tells the story of Ophelia, a girl who decides to swim until the meeting of what she believes is her father.

In an interview with Extra, Klaus also reported the following:

"The work with Bruna in the film was a dramatic and dramatic fantasy, it was Ophelia that I always imagined … very sensitive and determined … a great game!

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