Thursday , May 19 2022

Cássio discovers an assistant apology, Andrés CBF attacks


The goalkeeper Cassio said that another assistant to Leonardo Sigazzi Zeno apologized after failing to give Danilo's goal. Bruns, even in the first half of the classic between Corinth and Sao Paulo, Timao's player kicked, and goalkeeper John did the defense when the ball had crossed the line. The Corinthians complained, but the departure followed.

"He was a referee from behind, he said he did not see the court, he apologized, it was a big mistake, I'm not a judge, I was always the defender of the right, I do not want my team to get hurt or the opponents, but it makes a lot of mistakes against us. "I was committed to performance, but I think Corinthians was excellent on every game and we did not get the result because of these judgment errors, it was a bit frustrating," Cássio said.

– We talked fast, it was in the middle of the game. That was the extra one there. He concentrated on the game. The ball came in a lot, and then there was a penalty, but we have to keep working. Leave it on the board. We need to be careful what we say, because expressing your opinion can sometimes lead to punishment. We must continue to work, we are satisfied with the performance of the team, trusting for the next five decisions we still have – continued goalkeeper, who still lamented the lack of changes in Brazilian football.

– He said he did not see it, it was in the middle of the second half, the missed addition came to talk to me, he apologized. We humans, let's move on, we can not keep our anger. I think there were mistakes. In the other game it was not him, he was another judge and it happened too. It's hard, we're always talking about improvement, but it's going to end this year and it's still the same. We've been pressing this key for several years already. Today was a big mistake against the Corinthians, but many teams complain. It's the same, we talk so much about improving football, and judgment is very important, "he concluded.

In addition to the players of the Corinthians, who also claimed arbitration was President Andres Sánchez. As already happened at a press conference last Thursday, Timão manager returned to collect the satisfaction of Colonel Marino, president of the Arbitration Commission of CBF.

– This is the first time I go down to the locker room because players would even want to get on the field. We do not make a good championship, but it's too much. The Corinthians have already enjoyed and wounded, but this year is too much. Everyone saw, 44,000 people saw. The judge is incompetent and irresponsible. But this is Colonel Marino, you have to come and talk. You need to rest, do something else. What I saw today is disgrace, "he said.

– It's not quality. Quality is human beings. There is a proposal that is not interpretative, at a certain price quote can not go wrong. It is clear (that there is a bad intention). It is impossible for them not to see the ball come in, it is impossible. The championship account is at the expense of the Corinthians, our worst championship. But they have ridiculous mistakes. The truth is, the clubs were supposed to get together and take the CBF championships. I'm not going to CBF, I'm going to do what. He (Colonel Marinho) should apologize at a press conference. It does not cry, I repeat, the Corinthians are wrong, "he added.

– A complaint unfortunately or fortunately is through the press. Make a note, talk … Colonel Marinio does not answer anyone, he's a guy who can not be touched. I am in favor of professionalism in everything, but I have no money to professionalize all the judges of the country because of the labor law of the country, "Anders said.

Andres during the interview (Photo: Guilherme Amaro / Lancepress!)

Andrés was still asked about why this was against the use of the last VAR rounds of Brasileirão. He went on to explain that he did not agree with the data being offered and the lack of explanation during the CBF session.

"They do not work.Corinthians is in favor of VAR, I am in favor of … where the price was 100% more expensive than Portugal and those who explained the VAR did not even know the methods.


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