Monday , October 3 2022

Corinthians took the water from the neck, but football still suffers


The victory over Vasco last Saturday at the Arena took a truck behind the backs of the Corinthians. In the accounts of the club itself, another draw in the last three games of the Brazil Championship should be enough to ensure the tenure in the series even if you do not score the opportunity is great. However, breathing can not in any way compensate for how unsuitable was once again practiced by the football team.

Corinthians suffer to win from Vasco this coming Saturday (Photo: Luis Moreh / WPP)

Corinthians suffer to win from Vasco this coming Saturday (Photo: Luis Moreh / WPP)

Photo: Lance!

The important thing was the victory, of course. More importantly with all the pressure there is, so much so that the fans went to CT to make heavy loads. But as Corinthians missed, as the attack was difficult, as the plays in the middle did not work, as the defense still continues to give scary.

To get an idea, the Corinthians took a suffocation in the second half of the team who still do not know what it is to gain as a Brazilian championship critic. Exactly, Vasco has no victory from home. However, he managed to involve the managers, especially at the end. The goal came from a mixed proposal that the talent of Fagner, one of the few played ball, with luck. Matthew Vital even admitted that the ball head away from his expertise had never scored like that. But the important thing was the three points.

Victory brings a lot of relief to Air Ventura, whose performance is still much lower than expected. They are four victories, five strokes and seven losses. The board has already said that it will stay for 2019. Ensuring itself in Serie A, it will take a lot of work to make the team competitive again, which is now a long way.


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