Monday , May 16 2022

Demi Lovato looks for the first time after overdose and accompaniment!


Everything attests to this bloody He does very well. On October 29, Diana de la GrazaThe mother of the singer, discovered that her daughter had completed 90 sober days and still said she had only discovered what had happened to her daughter through messages: "I was stunned, I was standing in front of my cell phone and messages came from all sides," he says. .

The fear

It all started in July this year, after Demi admitted, with the song "Sever," which was no longer sober. A short time later, the singer was unconscious in her home and rushed to the hospital. Where an overdose was discovered by mixing an oxycodone with a potentiator. When the owner of the hit "Sorry not sorry" went to the clinic, shortly after being released from the hospital, many celebrities sent many messages of support, hoping for its improvement.

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