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Designer creates the concept of XII iPhone without borders or buttons


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Although iPhone XI is possible (since it is not known if the device even accept this terminology) is not so close to being officially announced in 2019, there are already people wondering what XII iPhone will be released next year. Kevin Knocky, a YouTube channel designer and concept screenwriter, is one of them, and includes a device without borders and buttons.

The description of the film, by itself, already explains Noki's vision, because it means forget about the iPhone XI and take a look at the concept of the iPhone XII, which has no button, offers wireless charging and hidden cameras.

At first glance, one of the salient points of the concept is a completely borderless screen, where the icons eventually functions as widgets when positioned in extreme corners. Since the body has no boundaries, of course the volume buttons and buttons on the other side will become virtual and the front camera will be below the screen.

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Another very interesting idea is "Fotomove", a camera technology that combines still images with live images to create images where objects stand in front while silently moving background. Still, the XII's iPhone's dream designer has a wireless charging distance, which allows to renew energy even 20 feet away.

Source: Cultofmac

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