Sunday , August 18 2019
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EA promises six broadcasts on EA Play 2019


EA has changed its presentation plans for EA Play 2019. Initially, the California company will make some separate presentations for two days. The idea was to try to offer the news more evenly. But the plans have changed.

The company said it would focus on everything in one day. There will be six broadcasts around June 8 (Saturday). Games like Star Wars C: Order fell, FIFA 2020, need speed, Plants vs. Zombies and other sports should be highlights.

For those who can go to Los Angeles custom, the fanfest will be open – card needed – in the morning closing at 7 pm local time. For fans of EA games, we highly recommend the experience.

E3 2019

To test all the news of the E3 2019, stay connected on my PS4. So far, expectations are high for possible discoveries. Ubisoft has already revealed that it will be 3 AAA more likely to be released by March 2020, and Enix Square will host the conference at the same time as Sony was attending. So news can be great at this event.

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